GSviti - Viticulture Tipping Skip Reduced-Height

Capacity: 590 to 1370 litres. Leakproof bin. Bottom: 4 or 5mm sheet metal. Sides: 3mm sheet metal. Articulation joints have extra-large bearings and grease nipples. Integrated tubular chassis: 4 and 5mm sheet metal. Safety latch for transport (disengage before tipping). Automatically unlocks and tips on contact (A). Lever for manual tipping (M). See table for details. Rubber bumpers and springs dampen end of tipping process. Deceleration cylinder (option). Safety chain included. Fork pocket aperture and spacing (F) can be modified on request. All models have 4 pivoting ?125mm alu/polyurethane castors. 360 and 450mm-high skips have a drawbar. 600mm-high skips have a handrail. For customised products, please fill in the customisation form on page 15. Stainless steel models available on request. Available options include: pouring lip, grille with drain and square threaded plug, and polyurethane food-safe paint, etc.

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