- Model SIRIUS SLAB - Automated Sapphire Inspection Tool



Improving yields and lowering costs of sapphire for high volume LED applications. Lowering manufacturing and fabrication costs of sapphire is a key driver for accelerating the adoption of its use in high volume Solid State Lighting (SSL) applications such as residential lighting. GT Advanced Technologies is working with key downstream technology providers to optimize fabrication processes and technologies to lower the cost of sapphire for its use in these cost sensitive market segments.

GT is partnering with Intego GmbH to develop a series of automated sapphire inspection tools that will increase the yield of high quality sapphire material from each boule and ensure that only high quality material enters the value stream. The SIRIUS Slab automated sapphire inspection tool begins a new level of repeatability and performance throughput to the production of sapphire material intended for high volume markets such as SSL.

  • Automated quality inspection – improves the amount of high quality material harvested from each sapphire boule
  • Early defect detection ensures only best quality material enters value stream
  • Core layout plans created in the Yield Max software can be tied to downstream computer numerical control (CNC) tools via the Intego Geometry tool for optimal core layout and increased productivity

Improving Yield and Consistency
The SIRIUS Slab inspection tool automates the assessment of sapphire quality at the slab level. The SIRIUS Slab tool increases the amount of yielded material and improves the consistency of sapphire material quality that enters downstream fabrication. When used with the Intego’s Yield Max software, SIRIUS Slab tool optimizes slab layout to fully utilize the most usable areas of each sapphire slab.

Maximizing Optimal Core Layout and Material Tracking
Different crystal quality grades are classified by the SIRUS Slab inspection tool. The tool allows users to segregate slab layouts based on customer-specific quality requirements and is also able to detect a range of defects which, were the material to enter the supply chain, could negatively impact downstream production yields. In addition, the SIRIUS Slab tool enables material tracking by providing inspection and slab layout data to downstream CNC machine tools via the SIRIUS Geometry tool.

The SIRIUS Slab inspection tool was developed by Intego GmbH in collaboration with GT’s engineering team utilizing the capabilities of GT’s sapphire research and development facility in Salem, Massachusetts. GT will fully support the tools in the field through its global service and support resources.

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