Model GT50 - Vertical Lettuce and Herb System


Grow lush, green lettuce and herbs hydroponically, no matter how small your space is. Our 4 Tier, Grow-Tek NFT Vertical Lettuce and Herb Systems have a small footprint, allowing you to grow more in less space.

  • System is available with either twenty-four 10' GT50 NFT channels or twenty 10' GT70 channels.
  • Utilizing a six-week grow cycle, the GT50 channels produce 4680 heads per year, with a weekly harvest of 90 heads. The GT70 channels, if drilled utilizing 10' spacing, can produce 2860 heads per year, with a weekly harvest of 55 heads.
  • GT70 lids are not predrilled.
  • Dimensions: 51'W x 80'H x 118'L. Leveling feet will add a minimum of 1-1/4' of height.
  • Systems comes complete with a 115-gallon reservoir tank (tank style may vary), drain plumbing, energy-efficient continuous duty pump, fittings and adaptors.
  • To ensure a high-quality yield, purchase Grodan A-OK Starter Plugs, Botanicare® Nutrients and Testers.
Light Kit (112920)
  • Sold separately needs to be installed by a licensed electrician.
  • Includes 6500K and 3000K T-5 full spectrum bulbs.
  • Does not include wiring, junction boxes or timers.

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