- Pellets Crumblers for Feed Production



The crumbler is designed for crumbling up the pellets into particles of the target size. The material to be crumbled goes through the opening in the upper part of the crumbler. There is a flap inside the crumbler’s body for passing the material onto the rollers or besides them. The rollers surface is corrugated for better contact with the pellets and their crumbling up. The rollers are actuated by the electric motor through the V-belt transmission.

The dosing device of the crumbler is intended for the uniform distribution of the material over the working part of the crumbling mechanism. The dosing device’s body is of assembled-welded structure. There is a rectangular opening for material charge in its upper part. The dosing device’s drive consisting of two gear-motors is mounted on the body of the dosing device by means of the support.

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