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Model GTW 21 / 25 - Grain Transfer Trailer



The grain transfer wagon is the logistic link for grain transportation between the continuously moving harvester and the transport vehicles waiting at the edge of the field.During the time tht the GTW receives the grain, transports and transfers it, the harvester continue to work without interruptions. This significantly increases harvest productitiy.

The low center of gravity provides the GTW with extremely good driving properties on the fields and the roads.The GTW 21 and the GTW 25 have a 21 m³ capacity.  

With the optional sidewall extensions 25 m³ can be transported and transferred. A special horizontal feeder conveyor located in the bin moves the harvested material quickly, evenly and carefully into the transfer conveyor.

Electronically balanced screw conveyors with varied gradients make a very high transfer efficiency of 450 t/h and more possible. The conveyor has a height of 4,80 m.

The feeder conveyor can be switched off by way of a hydraulic clutch to ensure complete emptying of the transfer conveyor.

Two large windows on the front side ot the GTW provide for an unobstructed view into the bin. The screw conveyor is extended and retracted hydraulically and is controlled from the tractor.

The optimal performance ot the feeder conveyor is achieved by the hydraulically operated dosing unit. All free-flowing materials such as seed, CCM, corn, dung etc. are safely transported and transferred.

An emptying valve is located at the deepest point of the feeder conveyor to ensure optimal removal of residual grain. The valve also serves as a cleaning valve.

The robust drive train guarantees long-time safe operation of the GTW.

An optional tarpaulin w / without platform is available to protect against moisture and to provide for safe transport.

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