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Guar Meal Roasted 56% Protein ( Hipro )

Roasted Guar Meal, is an ideal protein source for Livestock which is supplied by Mahesh Agro all across India. Roasted Guar Meal contains most of the germ part of guar seeds and is a certified non GMO plant; an ideal protein source in feeds Presence of essential amino acid profile, high energy & protein makes it most suitable animal feed supplement and replacement for Soybean Roasted Guar Meal reduces the feed cost as it provides alternative to other expensive protein sources such as soya, ground nut (GNE). It is further processed, roasted to remove trypsin inhibitor, antinutritive factor that limits the use of different leguminous meals in Poultry diets. Processed with heat and steam, inactivates harmful trypsin inhibitor which indirectly enhances protein and Amino acids digestibility in the product resulting in increased productivity of livestock and poultry. Our value added product( MIRGK) being free from ANFs becomes more desirable and viable protein source.

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