- Model mTF3 - GPS, Fuel and Temperature Data Logger



Advanced 'GPS, Fuel and Temperature Data Logger'  with additional inputs, driver identification function and USB output interface.

GuardMagic mTF3 is advanced multifunction 'GPS, Fuel and Temperature Data Logger' with additional inputs, driver identification function and USB output interface

GuardMagic mTF3 carry out the fuel usage control (fuel consumption, fueling and fuel draining) and allow to control up to SIX fuel tanks.

GuardMagic mTF3 is designed for the automatic recording information of vehicle trip (GPS track), traffic parameters, fuel level in fuel tanks, temperatures and information from additional external sensors.

GuardMagic mTF3 in additional has the immobilizer function to prevent not authorized use of transport (and can carry out the guard function).

GuardMagic mTF3 is intended for the construction of transportation monitoring systems and control of fuel consumption.

GuardMagic mTF3 typical features:

  • transfer data to a personal computer by standard USB Flash Drive (USB stick);
  • 240 thousand records;
  • connection up to SIX digital fuel level sensors (GuardMagic DFLS2);
  • 'resolution' on 'fuel inputs' - 1024 levels;
  • connection up to SEVEN temperature sensors;
  • driver identification function;
  • immobiliser function;
  • two main operation mode:
    • transport,
    • special technics.
  • automatically switch to 'sleep mode' (energy-efficient mode) if transport with no activity;
  • connection up to three additional user logic sensor.

  GuardMagic mTF3 module can be installed at:

  • vehicles (passenger and freight);
  • road construction or a special technique;
  • agricultural technology;
  • tractors, bulldozers, excavators, harvesters, etc.;
  • railway locomotives.

  GuardMagic mTF3 provides a record in internal non-volatile memory the following information:

  • trip of vehicle (GPS track; geographic coordinates);
  • traffic parameters (speed, time);
  • fuel level in fuel tanks (up to SIX tanks);
  • temperature data from digital temperature sensors (up to Seven sensors);
  • status of ignition circuit (engine On-Off);
  • active driver identification code (driver ID code);
  • fact of engine overheat;
  • event button pressing;
  • condition of external logic sensors (up to THREE sensors);
  • terms of engine starting;
  • status of GPS receiver;
  • Information about Engine RPM;
  • Information from odometer circuit (for control vehicle movement without GPS coverage; for example, in tunnel);
  • status of main power supply.

Information recorded (saved) in GuardMagic mTF3 later transferred to a personal computer, where they carried out a full analysis of this information using special software (SmartTracer or TrackManager series).    Using the information saved in GuardMagic mTF3 about the vehicle activity it is possible to:

  • check the whole track of the transport movement and the optimality of route;
  • check parameters of movement and real run of transport;
  • check real fuel consumption;
  • main tank, check up volume of fueled fuel and determine the fact of fuel drain;
  • cargo tank, check up volume of fueled fuel and determine the fact of fuel drain;
  • control temperature condition in special section and outside;
  • personalize the active driver;
  • determine start/end of loading/unloading of a vehicle;
  • check the use of working hours;
  • check the visited points;
  • check the performance of the job or analyze the reason of job failure

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