- Off-Shore Caging Fish System


Gümüsdoğa A.Ş., with its specialized staff and high technology, has an uncompromising approach about its quality from hatchery to the customers. Our company is the leader in feed production in Turkey, and spread its production all over the country in order to help to improve the agriculture-based industry.

Off-shore caging system is applied for seabass, sea bream and trout aquaculture to high efficiency. In these cages, automatic camera system helps feeding and makes the process environmental-friendly. In our off-shore cages located in Muğla, Milas Kazıklı, Alagün, Tekeburnu, Toprakada, Gazitepe and İskele, our seabass and sea bream production exceeds 11700 tons. 8 aquaculture engineers, 2 veterinarians, and 10 aquaculture technicians constantly supervise the production in these facilities.

Our company produces 14.400.000 samlets in Fethiye Sahil Ceylan facility, and these samlets are grown in off-shore cages located in Kayseri, Tercan - Erzincan, Domaniç - Kütahya, Bucak - Burdur, Fethiye - Muğla, Bafra - Samsun and Osmangazi – Bursa. These facilities also have automatic camera system to feed samlets, and able to produce 10.109 tons of trout.

Products which are produced from these facilities are packaged as Gümüşdoğa or any other fason brands supplied to manufacturers. Have earned high appreciation 70 percent of the total production is presented to the export channel. Main export markets are Germany, Netherland, Denmark, Italy, Spain and Canada.

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