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Extensive research into monogastric animal nutrition has helped BioAtlantis develop BioAtlantis GutCare™, a natural alternative to antibiotics as well as other synthetic chemicals used in animal husbandry. The product can be classified as animal feed material under the European guidelines and is approved in sale in the EU.

  • GutCare™ enhances immunity to infection in animals
  • Reduces the incidence ofE. Coli
  • Boosts colostrum and immunity
  • GutCare™ improves growth, performance and nutrient digestibility in animals
  • Boosts growth and reduces the requirement for lactose
  • Improves nutrient digestibility

BioAtlantis GutCare™ is a dietary composition designed to enhance animal health and to promote immunity to infection. In particular, GutCare™ represents a highly effective alternative to in-feed growth promoting antibiotic use as it acts to reduce and prevent Enterobacteriaceaeand E. coliinfection in pigs and associated diarrhoea and scouring, properties consistently demonstrated through peer-reviewed published scientific research. In addition, GutCare™ is also shown to promote the growth of beneficial species of bacteria in the mammalian gut, specifically Lactobacilliand Bifidobacteria. Overall, supplementation with GutCare™ will give rise to enhanced immunity within your population of livestock, thereby reducing the need for introduction of antibiotics (for supporting documentation, see Leonard SG et al., 2010A and 2010C).

Boosts growth and reduces the requirement for lactose

BioAtlantis GutCare™ increases the efficiency of animals in converting feed mass into increased body mass, as measured using a number of experimental techniques. Scientific studies show that pigs weaned from sows, previously supplemented with GutCare™, also display higher than average daily gains. GutCare™ also represents an effective method for reducing the amount of lactose required in young mammalian diets, with considerable increases in body mass observed in GutCare™ supplemented diets, in an otherwise low lactose dietary background (for supporting documentation, see Dillon et al., 2010, Gahan et al., 2008, Leonard et al., 2010B and 2011A, O’Doherty et al., 2010A and 2010B).

Improves nutrient digestibility

BioAtlantis GutCare™ also improves nutrient digestibility in animals. In particular, experiments show that GutCare™ supplementation significantly increases digestibility of organic matter, nitrogen and fiber. Increases in absorption of micro and macro-nutrients in the intestine of animals fed GutCare™ have also been identified through scientific experiments. Overall, GutCare™ will enhance the growth and performance of your livestock and maximize nutrient digestibility (for supporting documentation, see Dillon et al., 2010 and O’Doherty et al., 2010).

Sold as a liquid formulation to enable easy mixing, BioAtlantis GutCare™ is redefining the link between nutrition and health in the animal feed industry.

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