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- Model E-Serie - Prowlers


The E-Series Prowlers are the, newest, toughtest, and most durable self propelled machines offered by GVM. The E-Series carries larger payloads, provides an incredibly smooth ride and offers unbeatable serviceability with maintaining GVM standards such as high road speeds and combo capabilities.

The 2013 E-Series Prowler was built based on the innovative designs of earlier Prowlers, but includes multiple performance enhancing features. Available in three different models, the Prowler offers a model to fit every operation. Only GVM’s Prowler offers four season versatility and a mechanical, all wheel drive powertrain with unmatched road speeds to increase your return on investment. The Prowlers versatility will allow you to utilize ONE piece of equipment all year long. Owners will realize immediate savings by paying maintenance and depreciation costs on only one machine, time savings as operators cover more acres per day and reduced operating costs with the Prowler’s fuel efficient powertrain and road speeds up to 45 miles per hour.

New in 2013

• Crenlo Air Ride Cab with superior visibility
• Front entry with hydraulic ladder
• Smaller fiberglass hood with tilt
• 7 in. display with push buttons
• Larger muffler, 10 decibels quieter in cab
• Placement and serviceability of hydraulic tank

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