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Model GWP BJ - Bulk



GWP BJ Bulk is an enhanced agriculturally based treated de-icer. Our liquid is a biodegradable liquid with de-sugared beet extract. The beet extract reduces the corrosiveness of this product by up to 70% and enables residual performance by possessing a minimum of 55% solids.It adheres to surfaces more effectively than dry salt, minimizing loss from bounce, wind and traffic scatter providing more efficient de-icing along with environmental benefits.

  • Effective to -25° Fahrenheit
  • Reduces full application rates from 30 to 45%
  • Reduction in corrosion on bridges, bridge decks and concrete.
  • Saves on labor and fuel costs.
  • Prevents bonding up ice and hard pack to the road surface.
  • Reduces bounce and scatter of road salt at the spinner

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