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Model H Series - Grain Auger


Our in-house engineer and designer also farms, he designed this auger with features that he wanted to see for his own farming operation. Designed by a farmer, built for a farmer. Entire tube is constructed with 12 gauge steel. 12 gauge steel is almost twice as thick as 14 gauge. Heavier, stronger, longer lasting. Powder Coat PlusTM, a special powder coating formula that gives you that quality finish you look for in equipment. Long lasting, tough and more durable than standard wet paint. Hydraulics, we have put a high velocity safety check valve on our hydraulic cylinder. If a hydraulic hose fails, the valve detects a loss of pressure and locks the cylinder in place. Once the hose is fixed the valve releases the cylinder for use. A Great Safety Feature. H Series Augers have a lower gearbox cone shield. This is put in place to help deflect the grain around the lower gearbox. It gives your gearbox the protection it needs for longer use.

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