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Far Superior To Any Similar Feeder Wagon. Slant Bar Feeder Efficiently Feeds - Chopped Green Feed - Large Round And Square Bales - Small Round And Square Bales - Silage And Haylage - Chopped Hay And Ground Feed - 16' Unit Has 30 Feed Openings - 20' Unit Has 36 Feed Openings - 24' Unit Has 42 Feed Openings - 30' Unit Has 50 Feed Openings. (Caution! Do Not Use Slant Bar Feeder For Livestock With Horns).

Removable Sidwalls and End Panels
The inside sidewalls and end panels can be removed for better feeding of square or round bales. Slant bar shown without insert.

Main Feed Pan
The main feed pan is constructed of prime steel with the square tubing around the top of the feed pan. Square tubing is 40% stronger than pipe. H&s feed bunks are easy to clean out spoiled feed from the feeder tub. No clutter of numerous pipes or tubes are welded in to clean around.

Tricycle Front End
H&S bunks feature a 90 degree turning radius with tricycle front end, 6 hole hubs and wheels, and quick hitch tongue.

Full Axle
All models have a full axle all the way through the unit.

Low Comfortable Height
Slant bar single axle models - 16' - 20' - 24', help prevent cattle from moving in and out. Slant bars have low, comfortable height of tank sides. All sizes of cattle can feed with heads in unit (except cattle with horns). Caution! Do not use slant bar feeder for livstock with horns.

Tandem Models
Slant bar fixed tandem models are available in the - 24' - 30'

Round Bales Fit Nicely
Large round bales fit nicely into the H&S slant bar feeders.

  • 16' Single Axle: 1890# - W/9.5l X 15 Tires
  • 20' Single Axle: 2060# - W/9.5l X 15 Tires
  • 24' Single Axle: 2520# - W/9.5l X 15 Tires
  • 24' Tandem: 2746# - W/9.5l X 15 Tires
  • 30' Tandem: 3450# - W/9.5l X 15 Tires
  • 16' Feed Openings: 30
  • 20' Feed Openings: 36
  • 24' Feed Openings: 42
  • 30' Feed Openings: 50

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