- Model C800 - Greenhouse Environment Controller



Optimizing crop production by effective weather management inside the greenhouse is a very important goal to achieve for a hydroponic and greenhouse growers. Plagues, diseases and many other problems that can occur inside the greenhouse are result of a combination of nutritional problems and environmental situations that can cause stress and crop weakness; for example, heat, high humidity, deficient air circulation and others.

Our environment controller H2 CLI-MATE, is one of the most advanced and versatile controllers in the market. Its ease of management and precision makes it a perfect match to optimize climate and electric consumption inside greenhouses. It can also control foggers and automatic sprayed treatments; optimizing and making more effective treatments and applications.

The H2 CLI-MATE controllers have been developed to perfectly control the ambient parameters inside the greenhouses, H2 CLI-MATE can be operated by PC or by GSM (Optional)

Permite incorporar diversas sondas para controlar independientemente hasta 10 invernaderos.

  • Controls diferent probes in each greenhouse
  • up to 6 windows per greenhouse
  • Pantalla táctil de 5,7'

  • z16 Exits to relé configurables (Optional up to 160)
  • 16 Exits salidas configurables 
  • 16 Entradas analógicas configurables (Optional up to 128)
  • Control by PC
  • Control by GSM optional
  • Contro diferent probes independently in each greenhouses
  • 4 Ventilation programs 
  • Up to manage 6 windows in each greenhouse

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