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Model H965/1 - Draw Lift Beat Grinder



The draw-lift beat grinder is designated for grinding grain and legume seeds. Exchangeable sieves of different slot sizes offer a wide grinding range. The beat grinder is designed to work with the MS-1000 feed mixer, POJ-PASZ feed containers and BIN silos.

Use of slotted sieves and a ventilator forcing the air flow through the beater chamber, together with other construction details, led to a high efficiency of the grinding process, possibility of taking grain from long distances, and improvement in quality of ground grain by reducing its temperature and dust fractions content, thus being advantageous for the feeding results. By installing separators on suction pipes it is possible to draw ground material from different sources in turn.


Weight [kg]  230
Rated voltage [V]  400
Rated amperage [A]  20.9
Engine power [kW]  11
Engine rotation [rotation./min]  2930
Type of sieves  slotted
Efficiency (wheat grinding? Slots of 2.0mm length of sucking 20m)  1000 kg/h
Height of sieve slots, to select  1,2; 1,5; 2,0; 2,5; 3,0
Dimensions (without pipes) length/ width/ height. [mm]  1018 / 610 / 818

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