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Haglöf Vertex III Hypsometer


• Take up to 6 heights on a single tree. • No set distance required to obtain height. • Shoots through thick underbrush. • Can use with the 360° transponder to take plot measurements. Accurate, dependable tree height measurements even in cold, dry climates! The Haglöf Vertex III hypsometer fits in your pocket and allows measurement through thick vegetation in either metric or English units. Fasten the transponder to the tree to be measured, look through the sight and aim the crosshairs at the transponder. Innovative cross sight provides precise measurements and eliminates inaccurate measurements due to the vertical sighting of the object. Up to six heights on a single tree can be taken, with no set distance to obtain the heights. The hypsometer displays three numbers – distance, angle, and horizontal distance to the transponder. The Vertex III also features a reverse prism function (BAF feature) which has built-in prism factors of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 40 (English) and 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 (Metric). The Vertex III is easily calibrated and should be recalibrated daily for best accuracy. Features durable aluminum housing and sealed electronics. Complete user instructions included. The Vertex III is available with a either a 60° or a 360° transponder. The 60° transponder records measurements only from in front of the transponder. The more versatile 360° transponder allows you to walk 360° around the transponder and receive accurate distance measurements for determining plot radius at the push of a button. The 60° Package (09707) includes the hypsometer and transponder only. The 360° Package (09708) includes hypsometer, transponder, plot center staff, and a threaded tripod adapter. Specifications Height resolution: 0.1m. Distance resolution: 0.01 m. Angle: -40° to +90°. Height: 0 to 999m. Dimensions: Hypsometer, 3.2Þ x 2.0Þ x 1.2Þ; transponder, 2.5Þ x 1.6Þ. Power: Hypsometer, 1 AA battery; transponder, 1 AA battery. Batteries included. Note: Vertex III hypsometers and transponders are interchangeable with older units.

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