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- Model 250 - Lighting



The Premium 250 light fitting has a stainless steel housing that is designed to withstand an aggressive environment.

Normal light housing, which is made from powder-coated or painted steel, is unsuitable for use in a livestock building.  When the light is burning the temperature it can reach is as high as 80°C. This heating up and cooling down of the light fitting considerably reduces it's lifespan. 

The reflector in the Premium 250 light fitting is made from polished stainless steel which means that it will not lose its output over the years. The Premium 250 is also fitted with the best preswitching gear manufactured.

  • High-quality stainless steel housing
  • Philips components
  • UV protected polycarbonate cover
  • Designed specifically with the stock farmer in mind
  • 250 Watt model
  • Available for both high-pressure sodium and metal halogen

Yellow light (high-pressure sodium) is 30% more efficient than white light (metal halogen). This means with yellow light you can use 30% fewer light fittings to achieve the same light level compared to white light. The lifespan of yellow light is longer than white light. However, with yellow light, colours in the building such as blood and mucus are more difficult to distinguish. The Premium 250 light fitting is suitable for both yellow and white light it is much easier for you to change the colour giving you the best of both worlds.

  • Lifespan of white lamp (metal halogen) 10000 hours
  • Lifespan of yellow lamp (high-pressure sodium) 16000 hours

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