- Model 30 - Firewood Machine



When the Hakki Pilke 2X was launched fifteen years ago, it was the first firewood processing machine with a chain saw. The Hakki Pilke Expert 30 firewood machine sold today has been developed in a myriad of ways based on user feedback, and it is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for domestic use. With the Easy equipment option the 2X is also suited for professional use. The excellent productivity of the Hakki Pilke Expert 30 firewood machine is based on the machine's technology that uses two splitting cylinders. With the Easy equipment, the wood can be moved forward and back and then cut, and the splitting blade can be easily adjusted using the two hydraulic levers. The Hakki Pilke Expert 30 firewood machine is an extremely fast machine that can be used to split wood with a diameter of up to 30 cm.

Technical specifications:

  • Max log diameter 300mm
  • Max wood length 600mm
  • Max splitting force 5,5ton
  • Saw chain 0,325/1,5/64vl
  • Blade length 15'

Dimensions in transport position:

  • Height 2630mm
  • Width 2480mm
  • Length 1150mm
  • Weight 860kg


  • Splitting blades 2/4*,6
  • Hakkilift 371 wood lift x

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