- Model Easy 42 - Firewood Machine



The machine can be used to cut and split wood with a diameter of over 40 cm. Thanks to the patented two-cylinder technology, firewood can be made effectively even from the smallest of trunks. The splitting power automatically varies between 3 and 13.2 tonnes, which means that when splitting slim wood, the machine operates faster and with less power, which makes it an effective choice for both large and small logs. This feature makes the Hakki Pilke Easy 42 firewood processor the most productive machine in its category. Despite its effectiveness, the Hakki Pilke Easy 42 only weighs just over 1,000 kg. It is easy to move and transport using the three-point hoist of a medium-sized tractor. Equipped with a self-cleaning output conveyor and a timber deck, the HakkiPilke Easy 42 becomes an efficient, complete production line that can also be used for demanding professional use. Easy 42 is available as PTO, electric or combi model. The electric models are provided with 15 kW electric motors.

  • Max log diameter: 420 mm
  • Max wood length: 600 mm
  • Max splitting force: 13,5 t
  • Saw chain: .404  1,6 mm  71
  • Blade length: 20'
  • Power source: PTO, electric motor, combi
  • Electric motor: 15 kW
  • Splitting blade: 2/4-way
  • Out-feed conveyor lenght: 4 m
  • In-feed conveyor lenght: 2.5 m *

*  length with a hydraulic in-feed roller

  • Hydraulic in-feed roller
  • In-feed guide plate
  • Automatic chain oil lubrication
  • Optical measuring device
  • Hydraulic swivel out-feed conveyor
  • Out-feed conveyor speed control (+reverse)
  • Cleaning out-feed conveyor
  • Oil cooler
  • Active cover

  • Out-feed conveyor extension
  • Blower saw-dust removal
  • Heater for oil
  • Splitting blades 6, 8, 12-way

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