- Model Easy 50 - Firewood Machine



This superior, professional firewood machine showcases the expertise and pioneering status of Maaselän Kone Oy as a developer and manufacturer of firewood machines. One cubic metre of firewood is produced with seven splitting strokes. Due to the automatically adjusted splitting power (4-30 t), the machine is an efficient and productive tool. Hakki Pilke Easy 50 is an ergonomic workhorse for the professional. Input, cutting, and splitting are all controlled with just one joystick. Thanks to the solid bottom splitting groove and integrated dust remover, the working space remains clean and safe.

The correctly designed perforation and colouring of the new safety cage allows optimum vision for easy work monitoring. The firewood machine is light for its size and has an ideal weight distribution, meaning that it can be safely transported using the three-point lift of a medium-sized tractor. Thanks to its features, Hakki Pilke Easy 50 firewood machine is favoured by professionals producing firewood from the hardest wood species around the world.

  • Max log diameter: 470mm
  • Max wood length: 600mm
  • Max splitting force: 30ton
  • Saw chain: 0,404/1,6/71 vl
  • Blade length: 20'
  • Electrical motor: 15kW

  • Height: 2900mm
  • Width: 3100mm
  • Length: 1520mm
  • Weight: 2100kg

Splitting blades *standard 2/4*,6,8,12,16

Hakkifeed 471 feeding table x

Hakkifeed 472 feeding table x

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