Model Halmu - Straw Drum



The Halmu is used for raw material with much straw or large particles to be removed from the material before the final process. The Halmu is of solid steel construction. The drum and feed roller are driven by a geared motor via chain drive.

The machine is provided with a large door on the front, which allows for easy inspection of the drum. Exchange of the drum is effected through the door, fastened by bolts, in the end gable of the machine. The net of the drum is made of reinforced steel.


The raw material is conveyed in over the straw drum via a distributor and a feed roller with weighted capacity slide.

The clean material flows through the drum via catches to the clean material canal. Here it is possible to connect aspiration for dust removal.

Pieces of straw and other large foreign bodies are segregated on the top side of the drum and conveyed to the outlet for waste material.

Removal of straw or large particles
Up to 70 t/h (wheat)

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