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The Hambo is a solid construction, consisting of a frame and a housing of steel, a tripartite rotor with exchangeable beaters, an exchangeable scarifying basket, a driving mechanism with geared motor, and an outlet hopper of steel.

Inspection and exchange of the basket and the beaters are effected through large doors in both sides. The beaters can be replaced by brushes in a special brush holder.


The material to be treated (1) is led into the scarifying basket (4) by means of the feed worm (2). Grass or clover seeds are separated from the seed coats (the capsules or the flowers), double seeds are divided and dehulling is done by means of the rotor (3). The material is then led to an outlet hole in the opposite end or through the clipper-de-awner wire mesh to the outlet hopper (6). The outlet hole (5) is provided with a weighted flap.

Up to 800 kg/h (rye grass)

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