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The new technologically advanced electronic sorter “Happy Tomato” is the result of a long period of field research and tests. It displays a variety of innovations that are able to improve performances and more than ever to simplify the user’s utilization.The advanced electronics, supplied with hi-tech components and fast microprocessors, has great calculation capacities that offer an excellent operating capacity. In future the software can be updated simply by the connection to a personal computer.

The precise and powerful vision system allows the sorter to work perfectly in every daylight condition and also in case of wet tomatoes. It distinguishes accurately, besides green tomatoes, also clods of earth and small stones.

The Happy Tomato remote console can even control two sorters at the same time. It allows regulating all parameters from the driver’s cab and it is able to warn the operator in case of anomalies and breakdowns.

The pneumatic box is supplied with big diameter pneumatic pistons fed by low pressure lubricated air. Cylinders are barely stressed and therefore long-lasting. Solenoid valves are faster owing to the special “box” construction and they maintain their performances constant for years.

Built with the best components, the Happy Tomato sorter ensures sorting consistency and enduring reliability.

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