Harmak Tarim Makinalari Ltd

- Model PHM Double - Double Row Sugar Beet Harvester


Double Row Harvesting Feature: The model of PHMDOUBLE has a feature of harvesting two rows simultaneously. So it can harvest 2 times more than other one row harvesters due to this feature. High Storage Capacity: The model of PHM-DOUBLE with 6000 kg storage capacity offers possibility of long term and continuous operation.

  • Elevator System: Elevator system is designed as two stage on PHM-PRO model. Timing belt is used instead of chain to provide fast, clean and accurate carrying
  • Double Wheels: Not to cause a compressive stres on the land, the tyre stepping surfaces enlarged and the left wheels were doubly designed.
  • Automatic Search System: The extracting deepness and the scratches distances stay stable by the automatic scratch following system and so the harvesting can be faster without damages.
  • Hydraulic Oil Cooler System: Hydraulic oil cooler system prevent oil heating in case of hot wheather condition so it ensures hydraulic system to work in continuous high performance.

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