- Model TYPE 72 - TYPE 98 - Wagon



Wagon for picking fruit to boxes. Equipped with three-phase electric motors and with four solid rubber wheels with tractor profile to travel over slopes with ease. The box is easily unloaded using an exclusive, patented tipping system that places the box on the ground without difficulty and above all without shaking the items inside, which means none of the bruises that affect harvest quality.

The tipping mechanism is available with motor drive, on request. The wagon moves by means of 1 or 2 electronic devices controlling 2-3 or 4 motors according to the model; these electronic devices guarantee the correct power supply and speed adjustment and above all they prevent bump starting and stopping, which also helps to prevent fruit from becoming bruised inside the box.

All machines have special box support brackets for loading a second box. Compact machines are supplied with straps and shackle bolts for loading into boxes during transport. As well as speed adjustment and motor-driven tipping, the machine with four-wheel drive can also be remote controlled. Supplied with two easily removable traction batteries and electronic 24 Volt battery charger. The battery power depends on the type of work and ranges from two to four days.

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