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HARVEST is a real-time reporting solution for organizations of all types and sizes. It provides the capability to report on and monitor an organization's status in real-time. HARVEST also streamlines the process of scheduled and on-demand current status report generation and submission.


Real-time status reporting and status visualization. Organizations are represented as 'Node Trees', which reflect the organizational structure and/or relevant functional dependencies. The capability status of nodes, as assessed by a suitably authorized user, are shown in the Node Tree display by 'traffic light' type indicators.


Critical status changes, reported by users or triggered by automated systems, raise immediate alerts that are instantly propagated up the reporting chain.


Reports come in a variety of formats, standard and user-configurable. They can be created ad hoc or based on schedules that can be set up by a HARVEST system administrator. Report creation and submission has been reduced to a simple, straightforward process; thus reducing errors, replication and saving significant time, as well as guaranteeing high-integrity organizational audit trails.

Entering current status updates has been reduced to a simple three-stage process:

  1. Enable status editing
  2. Make status changes
  3. Save status changes

This makes the process fast, efficient and reliable.


The potentially complex structure of a HARVEST reporting chain is supported by the simple, robust physical implementation of the network.Clients are connected to a software and database server. The only client software required is a web browser.


HARVEST administration tools allow the creation of any organizational structure from scratch. An administrator can also set up user access and privileges; configure the appearance, naming and content of HARVEST menus and current status pages; set up reporting schedules; define personnel roles and titles; control assets; as well as perform a variety of other functions required for complete HARVEST system management.

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