Harvest Booms



ZEMA harvest beams (1- to 3-level) systematise the work steps during the vegetable harvest and are used in combination with the ZEMA carrier vehicle. The harvesting process is divided into logical work sequences. Depending on the model, 1-, 2- or 3-level,  the efficiency per employee and consequently the productivity increases.

ZEMA harvest beams are available in different work widths, from 8 to 14 metres and in 3 different models which can be customised to your requirements. For example, washing and cutting devices can be integrated into the selected harvesting system anytime.

The one-level beam is the simplest model:
the carrier vehicle pushes the empties along the harvest beam and across a slide toward the outside where they are placed onto a packaging stand by a harvesting employee, filled with freshly harvested produce and pushed onto a driven roller conveyor from where the harvested produce is transported to the centre for palletising on the platform.
The two-level model allows an additional work distribution:
(the empties transport is identical to the one-level harvest boom)
Contrary to the one-level variant, a second harvesting employee (cutter) places the previously packaged produce (if applicable) onto a product table where the packer (standing up or sitting down) receives the harvested products, closes the package, if applicable, and pushes the sorted in crate onto the roller conveyor from where the harvested produce is transported to the centre.

The three-level model allows an even more differentiated work distribution and superior productivity (is often used for consumer packaged products):
the produce cut by a harvesting employee is packaged by a second employee (standing up or sitting dow), placed on a sorting table and sorted into crates by a packager on the opposite side. From there, it is transported to the centre via roller conveyor and palletised on the platform.

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