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Centrifugal Fan Units



Available in sizes from 3hp to 50hp. All steel construction with modern backward curved impellers which are statically and dynamically balanced and mounted directly on to the motor shaft. Available with ‘standard’, ‘downdraught’ and overhead outlets, they can be used in a variety of applications where maximum output is required against back pressure of up to 10″ (250mm).

Where high outputs are required but electricity supply could be a problem Duplex fan units can be supplied keeping the maximum electricity demand to a minimum and giving greater flexibility for drying batches within the store.

With the increasing popularity of internal fan houses within bulk stores the ‘downdraught’ fan which is mounted above the main air tunnel is frequently used. Its compact design and installation fits easily within these smaller fan-rooms.

With the increased use of temperature drying systems in bulk stores fitted with the Harvest Maxi-Stirrer system, these fans will handle air temperatures of up to 50°C without any appreciable rise in motor temperature. For even higher temperature applications fans can be supplied with special motors to ensure trouble-free operation.

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