Harvest Farm and Irrigation Monitoring


The Harvest farm monitoring and control systems are totally customisable. It is our aim to find the right solution to assist with for farm management. The Harvest G2 Monitoring Systems wireless capabilities make it perfect for even large farms. The wireless Long Range Remotes (LRR's) are able to monitor multiple sensors from all around the farm. In most situations the Long Range Remotes do not require expensive towers or radio repeaters. The wireless remotes are compact, solar powered and weather resistant for long term reliability. For sites that are hilly, have multiple terraces or exceed the range of the Long Range Remote - repeaters can be installed.


Air temperature, wind speed/direction, rainfall, humidity and barometric pressure.

Evapotranspiration Calculations
Weather sensors combined with solar radiation gives ability to calculate ET (also known as PET)

Soil Moisture and Temperature
Several types of sensors available including Decagon, Aquaflex and Acclima.

Flow/Water Meters
Instantaneous flow rate readings along with accumulation calculations. Automated transfer to councils for consent monitoring/reporting.

Pump Status and Pressure
Monitoring of pump fault, pipe pressure and power status.

Effluent Irrigator Tracking and Control
GPS tracking of both pod and travelling effluent irrigators, pressure at irrigator, remote start/stop and automatic failsafe control.

Well and Pond Depth
Monitoring of well/bore/pond/reservoir depth using submersible pressure sensor or ultrasonic sensor mounted on arm.

Milk Vats
Milk vat temperature, stirrer and outlet tap monitoring combined with customisable automated alarms.

Feed Silos
Feed silo level monitoring with customisable automated alarms.

Other Sensors
Monitoring of dissolved Oxygen (DO) and soil/water conductivity also available.

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