The Harvester works to separate out algae from algae laden waste water in municipal ponds, natural waterways, effluent ponds and industrial waste streams. Algae harvesting uses a combination of mechanical processes and other agents that work together to concentrate the algae from the very low densities present in water into an algal slurry. The slurry then goes through a dewatering process to produce a concentrated algae paste. The algae Harvester achieves 70 – 90% recovery of suspended algae biomass material on a continuous basis and our current harvesting unit is capable of processing 35 cubic meters of algae laden water per hour. The harvesting operation is largely automated, requiring minimal staff to oversee multiple harvesters. Each harvester is built inside a 40 foot container, with readily available components that require a low power supply for operation. This allows the harvesters to be easily transported and, if required, taken to remote locations. Multiple container based units can be deployed depending on the remediation volume requirements, this makes our harvesting programmes highly scalable.

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