Harvesting Set


The YAMASTIK olive harvesting rod generator is the most efficient multitasking machine for the generation of low 12-27VDC voltage required for the use of an olive harvesting rod or other electric tools. Its ergonomic construction, with the specially designed removable handle, makes it ideal for transportation in a passenger car and easy to store. All YAMASTIK olive harvesting rod generators are equipped with a dynamo made in Germany by BOSCH and a regulator manufactured by YAMASTIK. Thus, you can rest assured that it will never let you down, while the combination of high quality manufacture and smooth operation ensures the lowest fuel consumption.

The cover is made of plastic, a material canceling the noise from the vibration of rolling sheet, and can be easily removed to access and service the generator, also making the generator much lighter.

YAMASTIK olive harvesting rod generator is available with the unique revolutionary regulator made in Greece and able to manage 100A(!!!), 12 point-selection with voltage stabilizer and dynamo protection, offering the rod the capacity to operate across a wide range of revolutions, but also offering the capacity to regulate the voltage in order to connect other tools.

Also equipped with a special, innovative system for clamping the plug on the socket, preventing its disconnection while in use.

Finally, every YAMASTIK olive harvesting rod generator is readily equipped with a socket for the pump of the spraying equipment, saving money in future upgrading.

It has long been proven that YAMASTIK olive harvesting rod guarantees its trouble-free operation for many years, as it is manufactured and distributed in the market now for more than 25 years.

Available with fixed wheels which will never go flat, but also on a base, without wheels and with a handle.

Generator technical features:

  • Manufacturer: Yamastik
  • Type: Olive harvesting rod generator
  • Amperage / Voltage: 55Α-70Α /12-27VDC
  • Revolutions regulator: 100 Α / 12 point
  • Can be used with: 1-5 Rods
  • Generator weight: kg (without engine)
  • Wheels: Fixed

Engine technical features:

  • Engine: Subaru ΕΧ17
  • Power / Capacity: 5,7Hp / 169cm3
  • Revolutions / minute: 4000 rpm
  • Fuel capacity: 3,6lt
  • Starting system: Automatic hand starter
  • Fuel: Unleaded petrol
  • Weight: 15kg

Engine: Firman / Lian Long / Loncin
Power / Capacity: 6,5Hp / 196cm3
Revolutions / minute: 3600
Starting system: Automatic hand starter
Fuel capacity: 3,6 lt.
Weight: 15,5 kg

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