Harvestore Storage Structures



Harvestore structures remain the best storage system for feed quality. They are more convenient and have better lifetime value than bags or bunkers. Recently, USDA Forage Research studies confirmed that cows on Harvestore feed produce up to 5.7 pounds more FCM than cows fed from bunkers or bags.

And now with new unloading systems, Harvestore is delivering faster and more convenient feed than ever before. The XL and Alliance unloaders signify a new era in forage unloading. We heard your calls for unloader improvement leading to technological advancements and innovative design.

The new Harvestore XL Unloader is more powerful, faster and more efficient than its predecessors and competition. It can move 400 pounds per minute of 55 percent moisture haylage (speeds comparable or better than unloading bags and bunkers). The Alliance Unloader is also a powerful and dependable forage unloader. In timed unloading observations, Alliance compared favorably to bags and bunkers.

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