- Model XL - Unloader Series



Simply a more powerful, faster and efficient unloader than any before it. The technological advancements of the Harvestore XL Unloader series provides the foundation for lower maintenance and bigger, better and faster performance.

The innovative Harvestore XL Unloader series is designed to meet the demands of today’s modern feeding systems. Harvestore owners asked for a faster unloading system that compared to or beat the unloading speed of bags and bunkers. The answer is a technologically advanced unloader that is simply more powerful, faster and efficient than any Harvestore unloader before it.

The Harvestore XL Unloader 400 is capable of moving up to or over 400 pounds per minute of 55 percent moisture haylage. At that speed, farmers have a viable option to unload haylage as fast or faster than they can from a plastic silo bag or a concrete bunker. With results like that, farmers can expect “extra large” performance with the Harvestore XL Unloader.

Delivering quality haylage with speed, power and efficiency at lower maintenance and operating costs, the Harvestore XL series is the industry leader in silo unloaders.

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