- Mini-Harvester System


Sutton Ag's walk-behind HarvestStar baby leaf harvester affords small and medium size growers the advantages of mechanical harvesting at a fraction of the cost of self-driven and tractor-drawn harvesters. A single operator can harvest 300 lbs of leafy greens per hour with the HarvestStar™ mini-harvester, effectively doing the work of an entire hand harvest crew. Ideal for harvesting baby lettuce, spinach, or other leafy crop.

  • Stainless steel cutting head for durability and food safety.
  • 28-inch cutting width.
  • Product belt and blade driven by 12-V motors.
  • 12-V motors powered by a rechargeable battery. Fully charged battery lasts through many hours of harvesting before recharging is needed.
  • Inexpensive cutting blades.
  • Sturdy handles for transport and steering.
  • Easy-access knob for very accurate cutting height control.
  • Handy tote stowage area (11-inches x 29-inches).
  • Transport wheels for easy HarvestStar movement in and out of the field.
  • Safety guards to protect the unique HarvestStar cutting head system.
  • Two HarvestStar cutting systems to choose from:
    • HarvestStar with Band Blade Cutting Head is ideal for crops which are cut 1-inch or more off the ground like spring mix and spinach. The band blade system is the industry standard and preferred cutting system for leafy greens. Base price: $10,435
    • HarvestStar with Reciprocating Blade Cutting Head is ideal for crops cut very near or just under the soil level like mache (not recommended for crops which are cut 1-inch or more off the ground). Base price: $9,260

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