- Model Delta - Subsoil Plough



The Hatzenbichler subsoilers are known for their strong construction. This is achieved through a special way of construction. The square tubes used are not welded together, like this more load can be put on to the square tubing without being broken or deformed. The fact that high quality tines and shares are used, you’ll find a longer lifetime!

Hatzenbichler 'Delta' suboil plough.

The special shape of the tine blades, protective shear bolt, diameter 25mm and their special arrangment on the V-frame (inside diameter 80cm) result in outstanding soil entry even when the soil is very hard or compacted.

Working widths from 1,50m to 6m, with 3,5,7 or 9 tines.

Easy pulled - reduced power requirement, it´s for good soil entry.

Sub-soil plough fro 30 to 60 cm and stubble turner from 10 to 25cm in a single operation.

The distance between tines are 50 or 62cm.

At the end of the machine rollers like wedge ring roller, master roller or tubular stud roller are available.

Hatzenbichler Field cultivator compact 'Disko' 
working width from 3m to 8m


  • 3-point attachment
  • Delta-shaped tubular frame - distance between tines 50cm
  • 3-tine or 5-tine (heavy tines)
  • Chisel shares or wing shares
  • Shear bolt device
  • Reinforced roller adjustment
  • Ball bearings on roller
  • with parking support without roller
  • Rollers: Tube roller (d=495mm)
  • Double Master roller (d=490mm)
  • Wedge ring (d=600mm)
  • With parking support without roller

Additional price:

  • Distance betw. tines 62cm for DELTA 5-tine
  • Intermediate tines on parallelogram
  • All seed-drills

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