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- Stump Grinder


The HAWK was designed to offer an alternative to large, cumbersome, intimidating stump grinders. The HAWK successfully combines a comfortable size with the ability to tackle tough stump grinding jobs. The ergonomic positioning of the handle and the dual handlebars allow the HAWK’s operator to grind any stump diameter from a height of 24” to 16” below grade . . . all in a stump grinder that’s just 30-1/2” wide and weighs in at 320 pounds. The feature-rich HAWK has also been designed with operator safety in mind. While good sense and caution are always essential, the HAWK offers several built-in safeguards to help ensure the safety of the operator.

  • Angled frame and extended rear frame postition the operator away from the grinding area
  • Dual Operator Presence Control Bar is active whether operator uses upper or lower handlebar
  • Emergency Stop Switch mounted on control panel
  • Positive Locking Drum Brake keeps the HAWK in place while the stump grinder is operating.

Plus, the HAWK is built to deliver durability, simplicity, low maintenance and high performance. The tough HONDA engine (see specifications for other engine options) is furnished with a Cyclone Air Cleaner. The HAWK’s eight cutting teeth optimize the stump grinder’s performance while minimizing maintenance.
The HAWK’s unique angled frame keeps the engine on a level plane through more of the operation to help extend its service life. Once you’ve seen the HAWK fly through a stump, we’re sure you’ll be convinced that it is the most outstanding stump grinder in its class.


Honda engines (others available) are furnished with the upgraded Cyclone air cleaner to help prolong engine life, protecting your investment.


Adjustable and individually-replaceable teeth allow the operator to compensate for wear to ensure an even, smooth, efficient cutting action. This eliminates vibration.


Idler wheel minimizes slippage and burning, while delivering maximum power from the engine to the cutting wheel. Drive belt and idler wheel are fully enclosed for minimum maintenance and maximum safety.


Ergonomically positioned footrest keeps operator in control while starting the recoil engine. Apron around chip confinement area keeps debris on the ground.


13-HP Honda with Recoil Start & Cyclone Air Cleaner
20-HP Honda with Electric Start & Cyclone Air Cleaner
13-HP Kohler with Recoil Start
20-HP Kohler with Electric Start
Low oil pressure shutdown with splash lubrication
1.72-gallon fuel tank

Cutter Wheel

14” diameter x 3/8” thick
1,575 RPM when engine is at 2,500 RPM
1-1/2” diameter cutter wheel shaft
1-3/16” self-aligning pillow block bearings
3V grooved HI POWER banded belt
Fully-enclosed 14 ga. steel belt guard secured to frame (not engine)
8 reversible pockets
8 individual carbide teeth with 1/2” square shank


Manual is located in a weatherproof Manual Pack mounted on the handle bar and attached with a steel tether. This ensures that the manual stays with the unit and the operator can review the operational instructions at any time. A second manual is included with each unit and is also available on a cd-rom.


30-1/2” wide

  • Height to top of engine: 34”
  • Weight: 320 pounds (varies w/engine selection)
  • Frame: 7 gauge hot-rolled steel channel
  • Handle Bar: heavy-duty 1-5/16” steel pipe
  • Tires: high speed 4.80-8”
  • Brakes: drum type brake on right wheel, hand engaged with easy-to-reach lever on handle bar
  • Cutting Range
  • Any diameter, no limitations; 24” above ground; 16” below ground
  • Options:
    • Quick-disconnect towing package with 2” ball
    • Green wheel for sharpening teeth
  • Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

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