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Hay Bale Handler



Berlon's hay bale handler efficiently handles both wrapped and unwrapped square bales or round bales. The smooth, curved surface of the arms lets you move bales without tearing or puncturing wrappers. The Berlon bale handler is controlled by hydraulics that let the operator get the arms around and securely hold a bale. Wrapped bales are best handled from the ends, where the plastic is thickest, but with care the bale can be handled from the sides.

Handles Bales 48 to 96 Inches Wide
The bale handler includes a 2.5x24-inch hydraulic cylinder with a 1-1/8-inch cylinder rod. Hose and coupling kit included. The hydraulics allow the arms to be extended to carry bale lengths from 48 inches to 96 inches.

Berlon attachments come with a universal mounting plate, our model MPUF-1. Other mounts are available for purchase.

These hay bale handlers are built Berlon Strong to provide many years of utility use as a skid steer attachment. All units are powder painted black.

  • Weight: 661 pounds
  • Length (front to back): 47 inches
  • Width: (overall): 56-120 inches
  • Hydraulic cylinder: 2.5x24 inches
  • Cylinder rod: 1 1/8 inch

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