Hay Sled Movers



The Hay Sled is similar to the 10 Ton Stack Mover specifications, however the Hay Sled is for single row stacks.  It can load transport and unload up to 5 round bales.  The axles are walking-beam type to evenly distribute the load over uneven ground.  The Hay Sled is hydraulically driven with hydraulic bed tilt.  Hydraulic supply hoses are standard, without tractor couplers.  Optional equipment includes fenders for the tires.

  • Heavy C2062 Roller chain with hay clips
  • Bed length 27'
  • Bed height 32'
  • Weight 2,400 lbs. (empty)
  • Tires 11L x 15 - 8 ply
  • Hubs HD 6 bolt

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