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Hay & Straw Tarpaulins


Having gone to the cost and effort of making or buying bales, can you afford to leave an outside stack uncovered where losses can range from 5% to 30%, depending on bale size and the shape of the stack? These superior grade Stack Tarpaulins are designed to ensure that bales can be safely stored outdoors without loss of quality, and if well looked after will give many years use.

Capable of covering stacks up to 56ft wide (Seven x 8 feet long large square bale wide stack), the tarpaulins manufactured from high strength, UV treated polyweave fabric. Each sheet comes complete with ‘hook-in’ adjustable securing straps with the unique ‘Super Cinch’ (The Ultimate Hay Tarp Tie Down) to enable the sheet to be quickly and tightly tied-down.

In addition, incorporated into the hem of the sheet are plastic inserts to keep the sheet ridged, but still allow it to be quickly folded back on itself. The hem also includes a rain flap, designed to deflect water away from the sides of the stack.

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