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- Model 77 - Purpose Drill



The HayBuster All Purpose Drill can easily be adjusted to seed into major tillage practices - Conventional Till, Mulch or Minimum Till, and No-Till. It is ideal for pasture renovation, habitat and food plots for wildlife, erosion control, landscape work, small farms, orchards, and rental markets.

Two Seed Boxes
The 77 has two seed boxes with individual metering. The third box (front) is the optional legume box. The three seed boxes provide the flexibility to plant up to 3 different seeds, or two different seeds and dry fertilizer can be applied at three different rates.

Versatility for use in a variety of tillage practices
Built-in versatility for use in No-Till, Minimum Till, or Conventional Tillage practices.
Ideal for pasture renovations and inter-seeding
For small grain seeding, solid stand beans, alfalfa, clovers, and grasses
Plants up to three different seeds simultaneously without mixing
Applies fertilizer as it seeds

HayBuster Row Opener
Built for accuracy & versatility:

  • Accurate seed depth is controlled by the packer wheel and the openers' parallel linkage.
  • The coulter on the coulter-disc opener is off set by 1-1/2' to cut through heavy residue soils to provide accurate seed placement.
  • Opener pressure springs are adjustable from 135 to 300 pounds to adapt to different soil types.
  • Each opener can be individually adjusted for depth.
  • Packer wheels are available in steel or rubber.
  • To prevent the coulter-disc offset openers from penetrating too deep, optional depth bands can be coulter-mounted.
  • Optional legume and native grass seed boots are available.

Easy Transport

  • Narrow transport width
  • Convenient for narrow gates and roads.
  • Single drill transport width same as seeding width
  • Built-in transport wheels easily pivot 90 degrees to transport position

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