- Bed-Ridger Machine



The Bed-Ridger is designed as a robust plough and disc combination to enable 5 ridges to be pulled up in a single pass without needing very powerful tractors. As well as marking out the field for the bed making machine, the ridger also cleverly marks out the position for tramlining the crop for future machine operations and also the positioning of the Haygrove Tunnel legs. For true accuracy the tractor can be mounted with a GPS system to enable growers to create the perfect alignment for raised beds.

  • Robust plough and disc system that enables up to 5 beds to be marked out in one-pass
  • Adjustable spacing that allows the tramlining of middle beds for accurate positions of wheels for sprayers and other machines
  • Hydraulic folding for road transport
  • Hydraulic bout markers for growers not using GPS positioning systems
  • Depth wheels ensuring even ridges across sloping ground

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