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- Hay Super Conditioner


Reduce drying time of hay crops by up to 50%. Reduction in drying time reduces risk of damage through exposure. Reduction in drying time significantly improves colour & nutritional value by preserving sugar content that ordinarily converts to starch over a prolonged drying period. Preservation of sugar content improves palatability of hay which increases consumption rate and reduces wastage when hay is fed out to stock. Super Conditioning makes hay softer, which further improves palatability for increased consumption and reduction in wastage in the feed-out process. Super Conditioning can increase bale weight by up to 100kg per bale, which reduces handling and transport costs proportionally. The HAYMAX Hay Super Conditioner produces ‘square fluffy’ windrows which are ideal for baling. Suitable for use on cereal/lucerne/clover or any other crop used in hay production.

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