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Model HC24 - Chemilizer


Reliable, water-driven, volumetric injector for use in animal health applications.

  • Delivers precise amounts of chemical concentrates including livestock medications and additives to animal water sources
  • Water powered – Chemilizer injectors are immune to electrical surge and power failure due to their water-powered motors
  • Corrosion Resistant Construction – Silicone and Viton components available to withstand the most aggressive chemicals
  • Chemical resistant – The chemical is injected after the motor; avoiding chemical contact with critical motor parts
  • Durable and rugged performance – field-proven to be highly reliable and rugged
  • Works with any water source – the diaphragm water motor is unaffected by sand or minerals in the water
  • Tailored to your specific dilution needs – Six dilution ratios available
  • Handles a wide range of water flow rates – from 2lt./min to 50lt./min
  • Easy and Low cost maintenance – typical maintenance is tool-free
  • Backed by a Two-Year Motor Warranty

Pork Production

  • Medications
  • Liquid Nutrients
  • Water Chlorination
  • Barn Sanitation

Poultry Production

  • Medications
  • Liquid Nutrients
  • Water Chlorination
  • Ph adjustment (Vinegar)
  • House Sanitation

  • Superior product design and stringent quality assurance methods ensure a very high level of accuracy. Chemilizer injectors maintain their accuracy because they have few wear points
  • The motor utilizes a reliable and durable diaphragm assembly, which is activated by the flow of water through the body of the injector. The higher theflow of water through the injector, the faster the diaphragm moves
  • Chemilizer systems remain accurate regardless of  fluctuating water pressure or flow, and do not require filtration to perform in hard water conditions

  • Chemilizer injectors last longer because of their unique design; the water motor is not subject to chemical attack, nor is it affected by small particles in the water. Our injectors do not rely on electrical sources to operate
  • Chemicals are injected AFTER the water has passed through the water motor, eliminating the  potential for chemical deterioration of the water motor
  • Chemilizer medicators have been serving the needs of agricultural professionals across the  globe for years, and are unequaled in their ability to stand up to the most adverse conditions

  • Chemilizer injectors provide a lower total cost  of ownership due to their durability and reasonable cost to repair. The unique modular design andminimum number of moving parts ensure  simple, cost effective maintenance
  • The ability to effectively prevent disease and control nutrition directly affects bottom line profitability

  • Chemilizer’s injectors are very easy to install. Since all Chemilizer injectors are non-electric, installation consists of simply attaching the chemical injector to your existing water source

  • Accurate chemical dilution ensures the safety of animal medication

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