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Model HC - Hipper Choppers


The PMC Hipper Chopper® aids planting operation and optimizes irrigation and drainage by configuring, preparing, and compacting seed beds and furrows. The uniformly shaped furrows between the elevated seed beds improve drainage and assist in irrigation. The PMC Hipper Chopper® can minimize the farmer's required trips over the field by doing two or more jobs in one operation. The Hipper Chopper® can simultaneously prepare a seed bed, shape furrows, and form drainage or irrigation trenches in a single pass over a given section of the field.

'A great implement! It saves trips over the field. We ran the PMC HIPPER CHOPPER® Implement one time over the old cotton fields and got beautiful beds. The easy adjusting furrows and rolling baskets are a pleasure to work with in the fields. The PMC HIPPER CHOPPER® Implement is manufactured with the same strengths of our PMC HIPPER ROLLER®, which we purchased a couple of years ago. They are both built to last. We plan to try running the HIPPER CHOPPER® behind the picker this fall.”

Mike Massey - 5,000 acre cotton, soybean & corn farming operation, Senatobia, MS

Standard Features

  • Close coupling for ease of lifting and correct operation
  • 16' diameter stalk-cutter baskets with five replaceable beveled blades
  • Double set of 12 1/2' Tumbler™ baskets - front baskets have eight 1/4' X 2' blades and the back baskets have eight 3/4' round bar blades
  • Two heavy duty adjustable gauge wheels w/11L X 15 tires
  • Two adjustable YETTER Markers
  • Cat 3/3N/4N

Optional Features

  • Furrow Assist Packages

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