Model 7200 HCLT - High Capacity Lumber Tester



The model 7200 HCLT in an inline Machine Stress Rating (MSR) system. In addition to a direct measurement of Modulus of Elasticity (E), Metriguard’s 7200 HCLT applies stress to each individual piece of lumber, causing breakage and elimination of very weak pieces – the only mechanical grading equipment that can make that claim.

  • Grades dimension lumber at speeds up to and exceeding 3600 ft/minute (1098 m/minute)
  • Certified for MSR, MEL, E-Rated Lumber, MGP, and MSG grades
  • Measures stiffness directly to accurately determine modulus of elasticity (E)
  • Provides best grading accuracy and consistency for the best profit
  • Applies stress over the full length of the lumber
  • Features patented 'Stressed in Bending' mechanics: the only technology that responds accurately to grain angle, microfibril angle, and moisture content in lumber
  • Modular design simplifies maintenance and repairs

  • Processes lumber widths 2.5 to 11.4 in (63.5 to 290 mm) & thicknesses 1.2 to 1.8 in (30.5 to 45.5 mm)
  • Produces lumber for structural applications including trusses, joists, purlins, and E-rated laminate stock
  • Installs just inches from your planer outfeed so space requirements are reduced
  • Shifting base quickly swaps a bypass conveyor for the 7200 in the production line
  • Unlimited configuration files for grade combinations and sizes
  • Includes performance monitoring & troubleshooting tools for ease of maintenance
  • Records production and calibration data automatically
  • PC Data System features a touch screen for quick, easy user interface
  • The PC Data System displays real-time grade and E readings
  • PC Data System processing eliminates analog system drift and ambiguity, and makes the lumber grading data compatible with other Windows-based data analysis programs
  • Production run information tallied for later analysis in an Excel-based utility which generates reports & charts from each shift’s data
  • PC Data System can network with other computers in the plant to share data & ease its evaluation
  • Features enhanced spray marking capabilities
  • Bends the lumber in two directions in the machine’s two bending sections with the bending forces measured & combined to compute Local E along the piece length
  • Average E & Low-Point E values are compared against operator-selected thresholds to determine the MSR grade
  • Data for each board can be passed via serial port to optimizing systems downstream

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