- Model HD2 - Powershift Post Driver



The Powershift HD2 Post Driver is a tough hard hitting machine aimed primarily at those who only want to drive straining posts. Fence stakes can be driven also, but the Profi or Agri models are much better suited for this operation as the masts are side mounted. With a machine weight of approximately 1070 kg and a 400 kg hammer this is an ideal lightweight machine for contractors working on very steep or soft hill ground.

  • Unique Patented Telescopic Mast
  • Mast Lubrication System - patent pending
  • Hammer Travels Full Length of Mast
  • Hydraulic Top Link standard
  • Hydraulic Mast Tilt left and right
  • Mast slides 35 cm from centre to right to allow posts to be kept in line with the mast
  • Parking legs are best removed when driving posts
  • Machine can be held on tractor linkage for long posts - standard practice
  • 400 kg Hammer Std
  • 500 kg Hammer Optional
  • Simple Twin Pulley Telescopic Mast
  • Independent Post Cap Slide Rail System
  • Special Maintenance-free Post Cap

  • Rock spike available

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