Model HD3235 - Portable Sawmill



Save time and money sawing your logs into beautiful slabs of lumber with your own hydraulic sawmill. The HD3235 will hydraulically load, turn, clamp, and saw your logs.  Easy to operate, it comes with the hand held remote box that allows you to freely move around the front of the sawmill to ensure you always have the best view while operating the mill. We have incorporated our heavy duty #120 chain cleated bi-directional log turner for turning logs with ease.  Push or claw style turners that often come in this class of sawmill take some finesse to master and are not nearly as quick and efficient. Built heavy duty and made to last a lifetime for your sawing enjoyment.

  • 26.5hp Kohler EFI fuel injected gas engine
  • 32' Diameter Log Capacity
  • 21ft. Standard Length Cut
  • 14' x 1-1/4' Blade
  • Hydraulic Powered Head Forward/Reverse
  • BONUS: Hydraulic 2-Speed Head Up/Down - when moving the head up or down you want the action to be quick, but as you approach the position you want to be at you need precision to stop right on your mark. With a flick of a switch you can go from fast to slow head movement which makes for time savings and precision accuracy a snap
  • Hydraulic Bi-Directional Log Turner
  • Hydraulic Log Loader - heavy duty 1/2' thick loader arms make for one rugged log loader. The aggressive foot pattern and deep pocket log holding design allows for comfortable log placement with no fear of logs rolling back off the arms as is common with other designs
  • (2) Hydraulic Squaring Arms
  • (2) Hydraulic Log Clamps
  • Remote Control Station with 15ft. Lead- this control station is attached to the mill with a swing arm so that it is part of the mill and doesn't have to be off-loaded separately. The 15ft. control lead allows you to walk around your mill when sawing to get the best view while still being in control.
  • Heavy Duty Trailer Package
  • Blade Lube/Wipe System- prevents friction and strengthens body
  • 19' Metal Bandwheels- fully balanced and crowned. They offer a vibration free operation with no belt changes
  • Heavy 3 x 6 Main Frame- this rigid frame can withstand the abuse of daily log handling
  • Easy Change Magnetic Log Scales - Quickly change out easy to read log scales with these removable magnetic scales. 
  • Blade Lube / Wipe System - cheap systems simply open drip and waste fluid while the the HD3235 lube system incorporates a dense felt wick which can absorb the lubricant. The felt wick wipes the blade clean while lubricating it at the same time. The open sight drip valve allows you to precisely control the drip cycles onto the wick; this save money on lubricants.

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