- Model HD4SR - Hay & Straw Bale Carriers



A picker and stacker built tough and engineered to maximize your time and productivity. The Auto Align® bale stacking system allows 1 person to roadside 40-60 ton per hour. The HD4SR stacks six (3X4) or four (4x4) bales per load.

Reliable Picking

Auto Align System

Ensures bales can be picked in the same direction the field was baled.

Pick Bales In Any Direction

Bales can be picked on the go at speeds up to 5 mph. The bales will slide sideways and turn to fit between the arms as the Bale Skoop is driven forward.

Inclined Bed

The inclined bed allows to bales to slide to the back of the bed by gravity.

Fast Stacking

The top bale is held in place by the loader. At the stacking location, steering with the hitch allows the operator to see the existing stack so the load can be easily aligned. Once the bed is vertical, the alignment arms are opened, and the Bale Skoop is driven forward to remove the

Efficient Design

Heavy-duty Axle

A 22,000 lb. capacity axle is bolted to the Bale Skoop.  The HD4SR comes standard with High Floatation 14 ply Implement Tires or optional High Floatation Terra Tires.

Easy Hydraulic Access

The manifold, located at the end of the hitch allows for easy servicing. The hitch is cradled at the pivot point for added strength. Plastic plates are placed at the contact points to decrease wear.

Simple Tractor Connection

A ball hitch and labeled hydraulic hoses makes connecting to the tractor easy.

Warning Light

The warning light that is placed in the cab indicates if the Bale Skoop is offset from the travel of the tractor.

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