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Model HDY16 - Heavy Duty Rakes



The HDY Series Heavy Duty Rake has an extremely robust structure, as regards both the wings and the drawbar.All frame components have flexible couplings, allowing maximum machine adjustment for rough and difficult terrains. The rear part of the machine makes it possible to form a wide windrow with abundant hay or to form two windrows side by side. Windrow widths from 45' to 78' can be obtained. The rake wheel arms and hubs are equipped with heavy duty taper roller bearings for extra-long life.

The rake wheels have extra heavy duty tine with a 3/8' (9 mm) diameter. Plus, the rake wheel is equipped with a guard in front, which allows the hay to slide better and to form better windrows.Using this rake wheel makes particularly accurate and gentle hay raking possible, even with heavy crops such as winter forage.All machine movements, such as the opening and closing of the rake wings, the opening and closing of the rear windrow-forming crosspiece and the rake wheel lifting system, are made by means of a hydraulic system controlled from the tractor. The hydraulic cylinders that control the opening and closing of the wings and of the rear windrow-forming crosspiece are equipped with locking valves, for keeping the windrow width uniform during operation. In addition, if there is a rupture in the hydraulic lines, the machine will remain in the same position in which it has been set.

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