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HE Silos have been manufacturing grain storage products since 1968. Throughout the years, we have remained committed to providing customers with leading edge grain storage technology. Our silos continue to allow farmers and commercial operators to maintain their grain at the best possible quality with a minimum of fuss. From remote opening lids to fan forced fumigation and aeration systems, HE Silos offers the complete silo package at an affordable price.

  • 4-120 Tonne
  • Completely galvanised
  • Sealed or standard
  • Ladders & cages in accordance with WorkCover recommendations
  • Meets and exceeds Australi-an Standard AS2628 —Sealed grain storage silos.
  • Covered by a 5 year warranty

Standard Features

At HE Silos, we know that there are certain needs and expectations that are simply a matter of course when purchasing a silo. It is for this reason that HE Silos include a range of features free of charge with every silo order. The features listed below ensure a safer, user friendly product that our customers have come enjoy. With every transportable silo, you can expect standard features including:

  • Ladders and Cages (all our ladders and cages conform to WorkCover specifications). Our ladder and cage systems were designed in close consultation with WorkCover and Australian Standard AS1657. This gives domestic and commercial operators the peace of mind required when working at heights. The use of safety harnesses is also vital when utilising the ladder system.
  • Remote opening lid. Our remote opening lids operate on industrial strength springs, ensuring a perfect seal. 4 tensioning springs are also used on the outside of the lid for long term storage and added protection against hazardous weather.
  • One sight glass. Additional sight glasses available at $60 each.


For the progressive farmer or commercial operator, aeration is an absolute must when ensuring grain quality over any given storage period. When grain goes into a silo, it isn’t always below the recommended moisture level and even when it is, grain must be systematically dried or kept dry during storage. HE Silos has the range of aeration required to keep your grain cool and dry. HE Silos exclusively use Agridry aeration systems in our silos. Agridry are renowned for their aeration products which we have been using across all our silos since their establishment in 1976. HE Silos are proud of our partnership with Agridry and their aeration products strongly represent the quality and service we expect from our own product. Our transportable silos utilise single/three phase AER50 and AER100 fan units to ensure effective grain drying and cooling.

HE Silos offers fan forced (recirculation) fumigation systems or a more affordable thermal fumigation alternative. With the increasing resistance of Weevils to phosphine treatment in unsealed silos, the importance of a 100% kill rate for farmers who on-sell their grain is paramount to their suc-cess in the modern market. Because of this fact alone, HE Silos has de-signed a product that will ensure your grain remains insect free. Fan Forced Fumigation Systems Fan forced fumigation offerings appeal to the commercial operator who must be 100% certain that all Weevils have been killed. Recirculation of phosphine gas within the silo ensures a 100% kill rate and gives you peace of mind knowing your grain is parasite free. Thermal Fumigation Systems Thermal fumigation (seen bottom right), works on the principle of heat. Sunlight heats the black polyurethane pipe, causing the phosphine gas to rise. Because phosphine gas is heavier than oxygen, the gas then falls through the grain and the cycle continues.

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